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Lease opportunity - Quotations for two new vehicles

on Wednesday, 16 December 2015 12:47. Posted in Council News

Yate Town Council are seeking quotations for the lease of two new vehicles, for further details please check the link below;

Lease oppurtunity - Quotations for two new vehicles

on Wednesday, 16 December 2015 12:46. Posted in Council News

Yate Town Council are seeking quotations for the lease of two new vehicles, for further details please check the link below;

Office Space available to lease at Poole Court

on Friday, 19 June 2015 14:17. Posted in Council News

Serviced Office Space available to lease at Poole Court, Yate to Community or Charitable organisations.

We are currently able to offer the Parnall Room (approx 342 sq ft) for lease.

For further information please contact Yate Town Council on 01454 866506 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Click here to download the poster

The newly upgraded Witches Hat Play Area is now open!

on Tuesday, 26 May 2015 09:03. Posted in Council News

The Witches Hat Play Area on Westerleigh Road has recently undergone a transformation with new Skate Park facilities and addition of play equipment. This part of the Play Area officially re-opened on Friday 22nd May 2015. The Play Area’s new features include ‘nature play’ specialist climbing and rope structures, a trampoline, a witches hat climbing frame, a new shelter and a concrete skating area.

These facilities complete the refurbishment of this area – the main part of the play area was re-opened on 8th May.

Yate Town Council hopes that these new facilitates will provide improved play opportunities for the local residents, and have been designed to be inclusive and accessible for users of all abilities.


Witches Hat refurb 1  Witches Hat refurb 2  Witches Hat refurb 3  

Memorial Sculpture Station Road

on Wednesday, 12 December 2018 12:21. Posted in Community News



Have you ever spotted the wooden sculpture at the junction of Cranleigh Court Road and Station Road and wondered what it is, what it represents and how it came to be there?

Affectionally known locally as the “totem pole, the wooden sculpture was commissioned and paid for by Yate Community Plan (a community group set up to work with local residents, communities and organisations to promote the sustainable, social, environmental and economic well-being, leading to a confident and thriving community with improved facilities and quality of life for the benefit of Yate and Dodington.) The Group is made up of members of the public and Councillors from both Yate Town Council and Dodington Parish Council.

The project started in September 2013 with a visit by two members of the group to Brimsham Green School, who spoke to the pupils in Year 7 to find idea's to have carved on a sculpture at the junction of Cranleigh Court Road and Station Road.
The memorial sculpture marks the 100 year remembrance of the start of the 1st World War and the development of the town to the present day, and remembering those within the community who died in all conflicts and wars.

Work to create the sculpture was undertaken by local artist Andy O’Neil and was funded by a grant from South Gloucestershire Council’s Safer Stronger scheme.
The images shown on the memorial are; ·

•The Remembrance Poppy (On the top of all 4 sides)
As a result of their studies during primary and secondary school the pupils knew that poppies are used to remember servicemen and women killed in wars and conflicts since 1914 and felt that a memorial sculpture must include a poppy and also felt its importance was such that it should be at the top of the sculpture and used to remember all those who have died, not only in the 1st World War, but for all conflicts and wars.

•Brimsham Green School Logo
The school logo is included as the pupils in Year 7 (2013-14) who live in the immediate area designed this sculpture wanted their involvement in this community project marked.

•Gloucestershire Regiment-Cap Badges
The Front and Back Cap badges of the Royal Gloucestershire Regiment have been included as the majority of men called up from Yate to serve their Country during the 1st World War were conscripted to the Gloucestershire Regiment and this Regiment's nickname was 'The Glorious Glosters' The back cap badge is unique in the British Army to the Gloucestershire Regiment.

•British Campaign Medal Sets. The 1914 Star or 1914/15 Star, The British War Medal and the Victory Medal
These were the medals most awarded to the local men during the 1st World War.

•Newman's logo
Newman Industries were located in Station Road Yate from 1932 manufacturing electric motors and during the 2nd World War switched to the production of bombshell cases to assist the war effort.

•Pamalls-lmage of an aircraft and date (27.02.1941)
Pamalls was a British aircraft manufacturer that evolved from a wood-working company before the 1st World War to a significant designer of military and civil aircraft. They continued to contribute to the local economy after the 2nd World War by manufacturing household appliances.
The pupils also discovered that due to Pamalls role in the 2nd World War it was targeted during a Luftwaffe raid on the 27th February 1941 as a result 52 people lost their lives.

•Community Development over the last 100 years- House.
The pupils research led them to discover that the during the 1960’s the Government had earmarked Yate as an ' overflow town' to Bristol which bought significant changes to what had been a rural community, pupils wanted to include a house to represent the rapid growth of housing projects in the area.

Despite the housing growth the pupils felt the community still benefitted from areas of open space and green land that could be enjoyed by the people of Yate for leisure and exercise pursuits and so this should be represented by a tree.

This represents the building of the Armadillo Youth Venue and café completed in 2010 and officially opened by Prince Edward in December 2011.

(Narrative kindly supplied by Sylvia Eastwood, Member of Yate Community Plan who worked closely with fellow member Sarah Collins during visits to Brimsham School).