Flying of UAVs and Drones policy

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 Rules and Guidelines

Casual use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones requires the permission of the landowner. The Town Council is willing to grant permission to residents providing they comply with the following rules and guidelines. These are based on internationally developed rules to ensure the safety and privacy of all residents.

If you wish to use a drone or UAV from Yate Town Council premises, or fly over Yate Town Council premises in a manner not permitted by this guidance you will need to seek express permission.

Model aircraft, drones and other UAVs which can be flown without a permit in public areas (providing they comply with the guidance) are:

Electric-powered, remote-controlled drones capable of vertical take-off and landing;

Remote-controlled fixed-wing model aircraft with a wingspan under two metres;

Electric fan jet-powered models, weighing less than 1.5kg.

UAVs that don’t meet these criteria cannot be flown on Yate Town Council managed property without express permission.


UAV Code of Conduct

Users of UAVs need to follow relevant Civil Aviation Authority guidance, but in addition, flyers must not use their UAV “recklessly or in a manner which may intimidate, be dangerous, be injurious to or cause a nuisance to any person” or in a manner that invades the privacy of others.

You are not permitted to post to the internet images taken from a drone which you are flying from town council property without the permission of the individuals / owners of properties shown in the images.

In addition, when flying in a Town Council owned or managed space, consent to fly is granted on the condition you:-


fly a drone over a sports field if it’s in use;

operate over parked vehicles or roads;

operate within of 20 metres of or be flown over other users of the park;

fly over or within 50 metres of livestock, sensitive wildlife habitats such as nesting or roosting birds or lakes;

operate within 20 metres of or fly over park buildings and structures, and overhead wires;

operate over dry flammable vegetation;

fly over adjoining private properties


be courteous of other park users including people walking dogs;

keep the UAV in full view at all times (e.g. not operated through binoculars, video monitor or smartphone, unless an observer is present);

fly in daylight hours only;

cease operation if requested by council staff

Any breaches of the code of conduct could result in the council terminating your permission to fly UAVs on public land.


Commercial Flights

You need express permission from Yate Town Council to fly UAVs over public space or from council properties for commercial purposes, including:

film and television productions, including documentaries, TV shows and music videos;


videos for the web;

student films

Filming for personal and non-commercial use, such as a wedding video, birthday parties and building inspections, does not require a permit.

Drone shoots by property companies should take off and land on private property.


Complaints about UAVs and UAV Operators

If a drone operator has breached these provisions please phone the Town Council on 01454 866506 with details of the time, date, approximate height and any website evidence or images.

If there is an urgent risk to public safety, contact the police.