Funding for YOSC!

on 30 October 2017. Posted in Council News

Yate Town Council is delighted to have received news that the final piece of the jigsaw to refurbish and enhance the athletics and track facility at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex has been put in place.

Yate Town Council is thrilled to learn that £470,000 of s106 monies (money developers have to hand over for sports facilities once they’ve sold houses) have been awarded towards the project.

This final piece of the funding jigsaw will enable Yate Town Council to start work replacing all the athletics facilities at YOSC. This marks a key point in a 12-month funding campaign to progress the project.

Project chair and Yate Town Councillor, Chris Willmore, explained:

“The athletics facilities at YOSC are used by local schools, hundreds of local young people each week and host national events. For some events it is the best facility in the country. But it is at the end of its life and needs completely replacing. To our horror when the estimates came in they were £850k. We’ve spent six months working flat out to raise the cash to save it. We got backing from Sport England and now we have got confirmation of the s106 developer money - that means we have a total of £800,000. We’re having a sponsors event next week to which local firms have been invited, so we’re confident we’ll get the last £50k. This is great news for the amazing volunteers who run YOSC, all the users and for the great project team who have been doing all the work. The project won’t just replace what is there - it will add facilities including making much better provision for para athletics.

This is the biggest single project Yate Town Council has ever undertaken. We’re really grateful to all the sponsors. It is brilliant to have got it all covered by grants so Yate Town Council won’t have to borrow the cash, so we’re all excited, but nervous.

We’re determined to make every penny work for our residents. Yate Town Council took over the track from South Gloucestershire Council two years ago this week. It was in a sad state after years of neglect. Now with the volunteers, we’re turning it back into a facility locals can be proud of. And we will look after it well - nobody wants to have to raise this sort of money again in a hurry ! “

Yate Town Council will be holding a supporters event at YOSC on Monday 6 November at 6 – 7.30pm. If you think you or your organization can help in any way – sponsoring advertising space, giving a monetary donation, volunteering or by making a donation of equipment or goods - or if you are simply interested in this facility and project, then please get in touch. Yate Town Council would love to hear from you!