Yate Friends Groups

Yate's 'Friends of' Groups have been formed by groups of local people who volunteer their time to further the interests of local parks, open spaces and public facilities.

In Yate local people have come together to form 'Friends of' groups for Kingsgate Park, The Common, Ridgewood and Yate Railway Station. All of these people give their energy, time and effort to improve those community areas.

Friends of Kingsgate Park

Yate Town Council facilitated the formation of the 'Friends of Kingsgate Park'. The Friends are a committed group of people who use or have an interest in Kingsgate Park.

This group of people meet regularly to suggest improvements that can be made to the site.

The group also gets involved with helping to run events in Kingsgate Park and seek grant funding for improvements to the park.

Further information: If you would like more information about the group then you can visit the 'Friends of Kingsgate Park' page, or if you would like to be involved please contact Yate Town Council for more information.

Friends of Brinsham Park

Brinsham Park is a large open space that is not only treasured by the community, but also by the vast number of wildlife that have made Brinsham Park their home. The lake is a major feature of the Park and is often used as a local fishing spot. Many local residents are fond of using the green area for taking a stroll or to keep the children busy in the play area.

The Friends of Brinsham Park group was set up by local residents, who work with Yate Town Council and South Gloucestershire Council to manage the park and also to recognise any improvements that would better the area.

The chair, Jeff Oakley, would love to hear from anyone that is interested in getting involved in the Friends group. If you would like to join the group please contact Yate Town Council.

Friends of Ridge Wood

'The Friends of Ridge Wood' are volunteers who help look after the Ridge Wood woodland and improve it for all who go there.

Working with South Gloucestershire Council and site owners, Hanson Aggregates, the Friends undertake both practical conservation action and arrange popular community events for all, including hedge and wildlfower planting, Fungus Forays, Owl Prowls, Bat Walks and the hugely successful Festival of Light.

The Friends of Ridge Wood group is open to all who wish to help manage the woodland. The group meets regularly at the South Gloucestershire Council Bowling Hill Offices.

Further information: If you would like more information about the group then please visit the 'Friends of Ridge Wood' page.

Friends of Yate Station

Do you have something to say about Yate Station and the surrounding area? If so, you may be interested in joining the 'Friends of Yate Station' group which was formed in October 2008. The group is for interested residents and users of the station and offers a chance to meet and discuss any issues.

Further information: If you would like more information about the group then please visit the 'Friends of Yate Station' page.

Friends of The Common

There is a 'Friends of The Common Group'. For more information, please contact Yate Town Council 01454 866506 for more information.

At 124 acres, The Common is the largest piece of open land in Yate. At one time, a Prisoner of War encampment was located there, giving rise to the local name, “The Germans’ Field.” Much of the land was flattened in the Second World War. More latterly, the land has been used for grazing.