Friends of Kingsgate Park


Early in 2003 Yate Town Council took over the management of Kingsgate Park from South Gloucestershire Council.

In order to connect with those who use the park and to address any issues and concerns relating to it, Yate Town Council invited local people to attend a meeting in September 2003. At this meeting the 'Friends of Kingsgate Park' was formed.

What does the group do?

The purpose of the 'Friends of Kingsgate Park' is to assist Yate Town Council in managing Kingsgate Park in the best way.

Kingsgate Park is an important open space in Yate. If you are interested in becoming involved in the Friends Group then please contact us.

Examples of how the Town Council has worked with The Friends Group:

  • Added an additional footpath around the lake
  • Held public planting days
  • Annual free community music festival
  • Free annual Easter Egg hunt
  • Free Play in the Park during school holidays
  • Re-paved areas next to the lake
  • Re-lined the ponds for the Greater Crested Newts
  • Improved the par maintenance regime
  • Currently upgrading the existing play area facilities

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