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U3A (The University of the Third Age)

U3A is the University of the Third Age, they are a self-help group with members sharing learning experiences.

Who can join?

U3A membership is not related to a specific age, but to a period in one's life (the third age) after the second age of full-time employment and parental responsibility. Anybody in their third age can join U3A and this includes people who are working part time. There is no lower age for membership.

What does U3A do?

The Yate & Sodbury District U3A hold numerous activities for their members, including art, backgammon, computing, book club, bridge, cinema screenings, drawing and painting, folk singing, french, gardening, history, poetry, music, wine appreciation, theatre group, travel group, spanish, walking etc.

Further information

The group has a diary webpage at www.MyYate.co.uk/u3a for you to read about all the various U3A groups and their activities. Or you can visit the national U3A website at www.u3a.org.uk