'Your Yate' Community Plan

Yate Youth Cafe

Yate Community Plan is a visionary document reflecting the aspirations of the people of Yate for the future of the town over the next 20 years. Hundreds of people were involved in producing the Yate Community Plan which was launched in 2008.

Following the launch, over 30 members of the community signed up to the Community Plan Implementation Group. 

The group meets occasionally to progress the key actions contained within the plan, which are:-

  • Development of a venue for concerts and events, incorporating the Yate Town Council’s desire to deliver a landmark building for Yate.
  • Work to identify and set up allotments within or very near to Yate (currently there are none).
  • Developments and improvements to Yate Station so that it can cope with more passengers and be an attractive transportation option for more people.
  • Development and dissemination of a location map of green areas in Yate, capitalising on the large number of green spaces that exist within the town.
  • Setting up of a Youth Café.
  • Provision of a better business support for the multitude of small and medium sized businesses currently in Yate.
  • Development of a Youth Gym, possibly in conjunction with the Youth Café.
  • Provision of a walkway through the town incorporating and making full use of the route of the River Frome through the town.
  • Setting up of traffic management schemes to improve the balance between car, bike and pedestrian in the residential areas of Yate.
  • Establishment of accessible conservation areas within and immediately surrounding the town of Yate.

More information about Your Yate

Please contact Yate Town Council to find out more about any of the projects, or to get involved.