Town Councillors

Yate Town Councillors June 2017

Yate Town Council has 17 elected members who represent the people of the town. All Town Councillors are governed by a Code of Conduct, which ensures that high standards are maintained.

Yate Town Council welcomes comments from the members of the public on any issue. You can either contact your local Councillor directly (contact details below), contact the Town Council, or attend a Full Council meeting and speak during the public participation session.

 Councillors for Yate North

John Ford (Yate North) - MAYOR

john-fordCall: 01454 311632
Email John

13 Argyle Drive,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5TZ

Mike Drew (Yate North)

Mike DrewCall: 01454 311777
Email Mike

3 Churchfarm Close,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5BZ

Chris Willmore (Yate North)

chris willmore 2Call: 01454 311777
Email Chris

3 Churchfarm Close,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5BZ

Ben Nutland (Yate North)

Ben NutlandCall: 01454 527550
Email Ben

58 Dorset Way,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 7SP

 Councillors for Yate Central

Ben Campbell (Yate Central) 

ben campbellCall: 07709 056049
Email Ben
13 Norton Farm Road, Henbury, Bristol BS10 7DE

Sue Walker (Yate Central)

Sue WalkerCall: 01454 310980
Email Sue

Laund House, Sunnyside Land,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 4PP

John Gawn (Yate Central)

john gawnCall: 01454 880674
Email John

99 Stanshawe Crescent,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 4EF

Councillors for Yate South-East

Margaret Marshall (Yate South East)

Margaret MarshallCall: 01454 315750
Email Margaret

18 Stanshawe Crescent,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 4EB

Cheryl Kirby (Yate South-East)

cheryl kirbyCall: 01454 856495
Email Cheryl

213 Dovecote,
Yate, Bristol,
BS37 4PF

John Serle (Yate South East)

John SerleCall: 01454 312169
Email John

27 Goose Green,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5BL

Councillors for Yate South

Penny Thoyts (Yate South)

penny thoytsCall: 01454 851520
Email Penny

5 Lydbrook Close,
Yate, Bristol,
BS37 4HS

Tony Davis (Yate South)

Tony DavisCall: 01454 881415
Email Tony

11 Lydbrook Close,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 4HS

Councillors for Yate West

Ian Blair (Yate West)

Ian BlairCall: 01454 864099
Email Ian

41 Lancaster Road,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5SX

Wully Perks (Yate West) 

Wully PerksCall: 01454 313907
Email Wully

46 Somerset Avenue,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 7SQ

Alan Monaghan (Yate West)

Alan MonaghanCall: 01454 881251
Email Alan

13 Homefield,
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5US

Karl Tomasin (Yate West) - VICE CHAIR

karl tomasinCall:0782 898 4099
Email Karl

37 Chichester Way
Yate, Bristol
BS37 5TB

John Davis (Yate West)

John DavisCall: 01454 864142
Email John

22 Longford
Yate, Bristol
BS37 4JL